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I'm Down in a hole

"....Well you searched the rain for the silver cloud And you wait on days of gold When you pitch to the bottom and the dirt comes down You cry, so cold, so cold

I'm down in a hole, I'm down in a hole Down in a deep dark hole I'm down in a hole, I'm down in a hole Down in a deep dark hole

Now there's something good in a worried song For the trouble in your soul Cause a worried man's been a long way down Down in a deep dark hole"

- Miner's Refrain by GIllian Welch

You know when you have a creative thought that just feels so right in your body, feels like you finally dug deep enough for well water....that you know this is the next creative thing you want to do? Well, I had one of those thoughts yesterday as I was playing my new/old Rhodes keyboard. Miraculously, the funk I've been in for the past month or so lifted as I shifted my focus to my idea. Once again, singing saved me. And on that note, it can't go unmentioned that my colleague, beautiful classical soprano, kind heart, and miracle worker, Dr.Kathleen Flynn, helped me get to a place in my voice where I am starting to feel free again. Because when my voice is feeling shitty, the last thing I want to do is sing, and when I don't sing, all of the creativity that could be happening and bred just sits there, stagnant and murky, down in a deep, dark hole....and so on. I am excited for my new idea, and when I'm/it's ready, I'll share it.

Other things getting me through this rough semester of teaching/being:

1) Reading in the pre-dawn hours. Latest book that I devoured: The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

2) Riding my Peloton. (sorry, not sorry)

3) My singing straw

4) Planning the first Friendsgiving in 3 years. I cannot wait to hug these friends and drink mulled wine and belly laugh again.

5) Dr. Teal's Chamomile Epsom Salt baths. #obsessed

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