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Where the heck did I go?

It's been TWO YEARS since I updated this blog. Where did I go? The short answer is: absolutely nowhere. I've been chugging along, teaching, minimal singing, maximum mommying, barely any time for daydreaming. (which is my favorite pastime) About a year ago, I stumbled upon a free 5-day webinar that gave information about writing songs for licensing to TV/film/ads. It advertised a 6 month course, which I enrolled in in February of this year. I've been soaking up information each week, writing songs, recording my vocals in my sketchy basement, and working with produer/genius, Ethan Mentzer. Three songs done since March...even through stupid COVID quarantining. With my 6 year old in school, I was SUPPOSED to have 2 full days a week to work on songs and research, etc. When "remote learning" had to happen, I lost those huge chunks of time. But, with the help of my superhero husband, I got shit done. ...and I am still getting shit done. It's so damn hard, and I am making super baby steps when I SO want to make giant leaps, but forward movement is forward movement. Taking this class has confirmed my love of writing songs and making art. I've been doing it since the 80s, majored in it in college, and I STILL love growing and learning new writing tricks. I am happiest and feel most complete when I am in the studio (even if it IS my sketchy basement studio), recording. I am grateful to this class for nudging me to that again and forcing me to make the time to do it. May this be a regular deal now.

The newest song that we finished is called "Hero". I co-wrote this with fellow Catch the Moon Cohort member, Mariel Gesualdi, produced by the amazing Ethan Mentzer. We wrote it in response to the killing of George Floyd. Dave (husband) and I watched the Dave Chappelle special about it, and what he said literally struck a chord with me (and Mariel!). He spoke about how George never asked to be a hero....but how those cops made him one. Thanks to Mariel for writing with me. Thank you to Ethan for working his sparkley magic. I made my last album with Ethan, (Middle of Nowhere) and it's such a joy to witness this guy's amazing talent. I feel so incredibly lucky to have him on my team. ...and to my Dave for just everything. (including buying me/us a new pre-amp to record vocals)...and for making sure that I have the time to watch my classes, encouraging me to go do whatever I need to do to nurture my little artist. xo

"You're a hero, hero, and you didn't even think you'd be...hero, changed everything..." xo-Kristin Singermommy in chief

Click here to listen to my song, "Hero"

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