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There will always be dishes to do, toys to put away, meals to think up, lunches to make, laundry to switch, beds to make, lessons to teach (and I teach A LOT of them), news to watch, friends to get back to, and mail to go through. Conditions will probably never be just as perfect as I want them to be before I start my creative process, but I. just. have. to. do. it. I will, more times than not, be sleep deprived with a messy house, but I just have to push through that wall and ignore the sticky kitchen floor and get going with it. Remembering my wise college songwriting professors talking about writing even when I think I don't want to. "Exercise that writing muscle", they'd say. "The more you write, the quicker you will be able to get to that special subconscious writing brain power".

Here's the thing: I want new songs. I have so much to sing about. SO MUCH. As you can see, this is my first update since *ahem* that pesky 2016 election that threw our dear country (and personal relationships) into a tailspin. So, yeah, I have had a lot to process and to sing about...but not a lot of energy to put towards it. I feel more like a "mommy-singer" than a "singer-mommy" because "mommy" will always come first now. I'm learning it's about finding pockets of time to accomplish things. When I drop my son at school, I'll stay and run around the high school track for 30 minutes before driving home. When a student at school doesn't show up for their lesson time, I'll take that 30 minutes and warm up my own voice. Baby steps. Baby goals. Finish one song by May. We (me, myself, & I) got this, and I will post it here when it is finished. Bam.

Below: Eliot Hunt, Richard Gates, John Sands, Moi. MY BAND. <3

mah band, April 2017

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