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"Herstoric" Election Day!

It's here. Thank god. I was getting a bit teary yesterday thinking that there is a great chance that we will wake up tomorrow with the first female president of the United States of America.  As I may have mentioned before, I am the product of Catholic school, with high school being all girls.  

While some might have visions of mousy demure girls quietly walking in straight lines through the halls, I have to say it felt quite different at our school. Yes we were expected to travel quietly through the halls, but we were also shown that we girls held all of the "power positions" at school. President of student council, president of your class, president of chorus (i held that one, a successor to my older sister 🤓) This truly showed us that we were not only capable of holding these positions, but that it was NORMAL.  

My parents are visiting this week, en route as I type. It's no secret that we hold polar opposite political and religious views.  So, in an effort to be positive about them arriving on Election Day, I will say that I am grateful to them for sacrificing so much so that my sisters and I could attend our all-girls high school.  ....I'm still getting out of dodge and watching election coverage across the street with Chris and Hania. 😜

#imwithher #herstory

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