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About me

Welcome to my blog, Singermommy.  Yup.  That’s what I am.  Add to that- voice teacher, wifey, home maker, songwriter, etc.


It’s been a rough, bumpy, and ongoing road getting my voice back in comfortable working order after the birth of my son, Neil in 2014. This blog is my way of investigating all things voice, mommy-hood, and more.  Here, I will be posting interviews with other singer-mommies, health care professionals, healers (such as acupuncturists, yoga teachers, physical therapists, etc), other voice teachers, and more. It’s also my own soap box to post the occasional venting sesh. Through this ongoing blog, I hope to help other singers (not just singer-mommies!) heal their voices, and rid tension in the body to improve vocal function. ….starting with myself.


Thanks for reading, and happy singing! :)

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